• As a photographer, I am constantly observing and searching to find the extraordinary within the ordinary in everyday life, both in the studio and on the street.

    I delight in things overlooked or passed unnoticed.

    For the past 35 years, I have been working as a commercial photographer and produced many Internationally award-winning images.

    During that time, however, I have constantly taken photographs that have a more personal meaning to me, and have transitioned to concentrate solely on my Fine Art work.

    The process of creating order from the chaos around us is at the heart of my work. The photographs are graphic and devoid of clutter.

    A vintage lock on a weathered door takes on a completely different personality when isolated from its surroundings.

    There can be nothing within the frame that does not contribute to the image. This is just as true of photographs I've taken in the studio as in the back alleys of Shanghai.

    I am currently working on a series of photographs in the East End of Toronto as it undergoes significant changes, and planning my next road trip to Seoul.

Limited Edition Archival Prints are available in custom sizes, and printed by the artist.